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Affiliate Program

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Join Hylobiz Affiliate Program and
launch your own financial technology business for -
  • ZERO investment
  • No inventory to be procured
  • Earn on every transaction made by your clients
Affiliate Program

How it Works?

Once you start your Affiliate journey with Hylobiz, a portfolio is created for you with a Unique Affiliate Identification Number (UAI) that tracks your business growth. The program lifecycle is distributed into 3 levels. You start as Rookie and reach to Expert basis on three Key Performance Indicators (KPI) –
  • KPI 1 Number of Active Transacting Customer** under your portfolio
  • KPI 2Number of Digital Transactions done by the Customers under your portfolio
  • KPI 3Monthly SAAS as paid by the Customers under your portfolio
  • ** The definition of Active Transacting Customer means that a Customer must be doing a minimum of 50 digital transactions in each month OR an aggregated monthly transaction value of minimum threshold***.
    Note: This commission structure is on the published Hylobiz rates only. *** INR 400,000 | USD 5,000