Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hylobiz?

Hylobiz is a B2B fintech platform, currently living in India and UAE. Hylobiz offers targeted services like automation of AR/AP, invoicing, and management of working capital to freelancers, small and medium businesses, and corporates suitable to their business needs.
Hylobiz supports seamless integration with top ERPs available in the market. It digitizes the value chain by helping businesses with invoicing, collections, pay-outs, inventory, and working capital.
Hylobiz also helps businesses with their capital requirements by giving them access to easy and quick business loans, invoice discounting, and SME credit cards.
Manage your payments and collection swiftly with our connected banking services on our platform.
Hylobiz automates your payment reminders, supports auto-reconciliation into your ERP, adds value to your business, and drives efficiency.

2. Which countries can the businesses avail themselves hylobiz services?

Currently, Hylobiz is helping and digitizing the value chain of businesses in India and the UAE. Hylobiz is expanding its services to other corridors soon. Stay tuned to our website and social media.

3. What size of businesses does hylobiz is most relevant for?

We have designed our services by keeping in mind the needs of businesses of all sizes be it small and medium enterprises, big corporates, or freelancers.

Our platform brings efficiency to your business by automating your collection, payables and working capital management through ERP connect. Also, improve your collection efficacy with connected banking and automated payment reminders.

4. Can bigger enterprises or corporates get these automation benefits with Hylobiz?

Hylobiz platform benefits can be reaped by businesses of all sizes. The bigger enterprise and corporates can integrate with the micro-services APIs extended by Hylobiz, without getting into the hassle of adopting a new process/interface. We ensure that the enterprise’s invoicing, collections, payables, and working capital are fully digitized with seamless integration into the ERPs & banking ecosystem.

5. Can freelancers/professionals/solopreneurs automate their receivables or payables too?

Yes, Hylobiz’s services are equally relevant for freelancers and professionals. As it helps them with professional invoice creation and allows real-time tracking of invoices.

Also, improve your collection with payment reminders, receive bulk payments with a pre-integrated payment gateway, and improve your customer experience with us.

6. Can you please provide me with a demo? I am looking for a demo of your services.

Click on the link below and fill in your details to schedule a demo with us:https://hylo.biz/book-demo/

Or check out our YouTube tutorial video here:
Now you can also easily create an e-invoice (IRN) with Hylobiz, just by integrating your invoicing software or simply upload your invoice and get an IRN.
Visit to know more:https://hylo.biz/e-invoicing/

7. How many users are allowed to use the Hylobiz platform?

We understand your business needs and thus we allow you to add as many users as you want to add and we don’t charge anything extra for this. You only need to pay a fixed monthly/annual SAAS fee.

8. What's the settlement cycle duration?  

For Indian customers, the settlement is done within two business days and for UAE customers it is settled within 4 business days as of today and we are constantly working towards making it a real-time basis.
Also, explore and avail our different plans for faster settlement. .

9. Why do I need to perform KYC validation?

To prevent criminal activities and cyber frauds. Also, as per the RBI regulation in India and the Central Bank of the UAE Banks, we need to know the identity of the customer.

10. What is required for KYC? 

For the business name mapping with the banking details and as per government mandate, we are required to do the KYC for the businesses to ensure the correct and timely settlement of collections.

For India, you can provide

• Bank statement or cancelled cheque

• Company PAN Card (if company pan card is not there then)

o Company GST certificate

o Certificate of incorporation

And for UAE

• Bank statement or cancelled check

• Emirates ID number with the expiry date

• Emirates ID documents front and back copy Company TL number with the expiry date

• TRN Certificate.

Registration/Open a New Account

1. How can I open a new account?

Register on our website or mobile app with your mobile number and KYC details. After successful document verification, you are ready to elevate your business with Hylobiz.

2. What are the prerequisites for signing up?

There are no prerequisites, just complete your KYC and you are good to go. Keep your documents handy for quick verification.

3. How long does it take for KYC validation?

The SLA of KYC validation is T+1 days for both India and UAE, we are continuously working to improve our processes to complete the validation on the same day itself.

4. Can I edit my business information?

Yes, Go to Business Settings

-> You can edit Business Information, bank details, KYC details, and company details.

5. Can I edit my personal information?

Yes, you can go to Business Settings -> Edit User Information and can edit your Name, and email address and upload/change the profile photo.

6. I wish to enable WhatsApp notification how can I do that?

Yes, you can go to Business Settings ->WhatsApp Notifications and select ‘ON’ to get WhatsApp messages.
Every user gets 75 free WhatsApp, email or text credits from us at the time of onboarding as a welcome bonus.

7. Can I add my team members?

Yes, you can go to Business Settings.
->Team and add team members, provide access to the modules you want them to view, and also make changes to the existing listing.

8. How can I change my password?

Yes, you can go to Business Settings.
->Change password to make changes to the existing password.


1. How to Collect Payments?

Collection of Payments can be done in two ways:

• Single Transaction – Fill in the form with details like Reference Number, Transaction Amount, Mobile Number, email address, Full name, Due date, upload supporting documents, add a note, and click on Initiate Collections. You can additionally click on “Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction” so that the user can click on the link and pay.

• For Bulk Transactions – First, you can go to Business Settings -> File Formats and Configure File wherein based on the input fields like S.No from your excel can be mapped as Reference # on Hylobiz system. To perform that mapping and save it with a relatable name.

And then you can go to Receivables ->For Bulk Transactions, Select the File format you saved and upload the transaction file, make sure to enable “Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction” so that the user can click on the link and pay.

And once the file is uploaded, check for details, and if all is correct Initiate collections

2. How can I create an invoice?

Go to Dashboard

->Create an Invoice, fill in the details, and click on Take Action-

> Save and send. It would send an invoice to the field selected under Send to Contact with a Payment link [ if you have enabled Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction].

3. Can I create an invoice as Draft and send it later?

Go to Dashboard

->Create an Invoice, fill in the details, and click on Take Action

->Save as Draft. The Draft invoice could be seen under the Receivables tab.

4. How can I add charges, tax details, or discounts to my invoice?

Go to Business Settings

->Taxes, Discounts, and Other Charges and add the required taxes, discounts, or charges you want to add to your receivables or invoices.
The predefined Taxes, Discount then would appear on Create Invoice screen under the Description field, you can select and add them to the invoice.


1. How can I create a Purchase Order?

Go to the Purchase Order tab on the left-hand side.

> click on Create New Order, fill in the details.

>click on Take Action -> Save & Send.

2. Are there any prerequisites to create a Purchase Order?

No, there are no prerequisites but, KYC validation needs to be successful to create or upload a Purchase Order.

Stock House

1. What is the Stock House?

Stock house is a digital inventory management solution extended to businesses registered on the Hylobiz platform. This feature helps you keep a track of your inventories smartly. Also, notifies you when an item is running low and helps in optimizing the inventory handling costs as well. Access the status through regular dashboards, the solution helps you to even list your items in Public and Private Modes.

2. How can I add items to the Stock House?

Go to the Stock House Tab on the left-hand side and then click on Add New. You will get two tabs – For Items and For Services, depending upon the business you own select the tab, fill in the required fields and click on Create.

3. Can I do bulk upload in Stock House?

The bulk upload feature is due for the upcoming release and will be available on the platform soon.

4. What does it mean by Public Items and Private items?

If any item in the Stock House is Public and you have created your distribution network on Hylobiz then your distributors can access your stock house to raise a Purchase Order. This helps you keep control of your prices even at a secondary sales level.

5. Can I set a reminder for low stock items?

There is a threshold configuration for the stock for auto-trigger and reminders for Purchase orders to initiate the refilling of the stock.

6. How can I search for a particular stock item in the Stock house?

On the Stock House screen, you can use Search filters, fill in the fields for the item/services you are looking and click on Apply. The data based on your search if present would appear on the screen in tabular form.

Hylobiz Ledger

1. What is Hylobiz Ledger or Digital Ledger?

Hylobiz ledger is the most popular and beneficial feature for seller-buyer transparency representing the account statement, with all the details and list of invoices and their real-time status. With this feature at any point, the seller-buyer has the same view of the account statement for the business between them.

Also, send payment and collection requests directly from the ledger, the ledger can also be shared in a click between buyer and seller.

2. How can I add the contact to ledger?

Select Hylobiz Ledger from the left-hand side or Dashboard and click on Add Contact, now you can add contacts in two ways

• Add Single Contact – A new screen with three tabs would open up, asking for Contact information, Business address, and Additional Information. Fill in the details and click on Save. Your contact would be saved

• Add multiple Contacts – A new screen would appear showing an option to Download the sample file and upload a file. If you are doing multiple contact uploads for the first time, download the sample file and as per the field provided in the sample, edit the information in your file. Make sure to put a valid entry to Mobile number, GST number, or Pan card number. Then save this file and upload the file using the Upload button. Once uploaded, the contact would appear on the screen in tabular form. In case any field is not valid it would show as “invalid format”. Make sure to correct the file and then try to upload it again.

3. Can I link my email to add contacts to the Hylobiz Ledger?

Not yet, as adding a contact on Hylobiz need many other details than a basic email id. But stay tuned we can surely get it in the future.


1. What reports can be generated?

Hylobiz provides businesses with automated smart reports, that help them in making informed decisions. Below are the reports provided by Hylobiz:

1. Billing report.
2. Reconciliation report.
3. Sub-user report.
4. Bulk Invoice Status Report.
5. Transaction History report

2. Can the report be exported?

Yes, reports can be exported in CSV format.
You can go to the desired report under the Reports tab and apply filters, by default it shows all the reports, and click on Export to Xls. The report can be downloaded with a single click.

3. Can I share reports with my team?

Once the reports are exported, you can share the reports with your teams. Alternatively, if your team member is added to the Hylobiz system, you can provide him access to view the reports.


1. What third-party apps I can integrate with Hylobiz?

As of date, Hylobiz has integrations with QuickBooks, Zoho, Tally, Coral, Botree, and ERP Next and they are getting released now. While there are more to come with Xero, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERPs, Optimum and regional ERPs based on country after country rollout. Please share your feedback on a specific ERP if you would like us to integrate it for your markets!


1. What is the pricing model?

It’s a SaaS-based model with a one-time setup fee and monthly fee. You can access our Pricing Page here.here.

2. What banks have you partnered with?

We have partnered with leading banks of India like ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra, RBL Bank, and many more.

Bank and ERP Partnerships

1. What banks have you partnered with?

We have partnered with leading banks of India like ICICI Bank, YES Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, and many more.
Our connected banking services are live in partnership with Kotak Mahindra Bank and YES bank. Soon we are going live with Axis Bank.

2. With which ERPs Hylobiz have partnered?

With Hylobiz, you can easily integrate your ERPs like Tally, Quickbooks, Zoho Books and many more.
If you have any specific requirements please reach out to our sales team.

Hylobiz offerings

1. Banks and Small and medium enterprises.

Read more on our SME offerings: https://hylo.biz/offerings-sme/

Read more on our Bank offerings: https://hylo.biz/offerings-banks/

Hylobiz use cases

1. Accounts and Bookkeeper

Hylobiz is designed by keeping in mind the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our platform can help you grow your business with our invoicing, collection and working capital solutions. Also, it can reduce the workload for accountants, business owners, and sales and marketing teams.

Read more on the use cases of accountants and bookkeepers:https://hylo.biz/accountant-and-bookkeeper/

Read more on the use cases of business owners:https://hylo.biz/business-owner/

Read more on the use cases of sales and marketing:https://hylo.biz/sales-and-marketing/


1. e-Invoicing

We have launched e-invoicing on our platform to help businesses become e-invoicing compliant under GST. Now generate e-invoices on Hylobiz and scale your business with its top-class features.Visit to know more:https://hylo.biz/e-invoicing/.

Case studies.

1. Case studies based on real-life problems faced by businesses.


1. Read our Read our blogs.

Read our blogs to know more about our product updates, industry updates and many useful insights Visit our blogs page:https://hylo.biz/blogs/

Free Trial

1. What are the conditions to access a free trial?

You can access the free trial to Hylobiz, just book a demo and ask for your free trial from our sales team.


1. What is HylobizGiveback?

As every business can’t succeed solo environment, so it needs an environment to operate and get all its resources from this environment. So, it is also the responsibility of a business to give back something in return to society as well.

With this mission, Hylobiz started its initiative and has committed to giving away 1 INR/transaction. For every 100 transactions, we transfer 100 INR to the cause. The cause that Hylobiz is associated with supporting education for underprivileged children- An initiative “A HUNDRED RUPEES AT A TIME “started by a kid, to fund money for underprivileged children. Check his Instagram for more information.

Hylobiz Referral Program

1. What is the Hylobiz referral program?

As you know sharing is caring, so share Hylobiz with your business mates and earn while you share.

Also, earn up to Rs.1500 per successful referral and a chance to earn a share of the SAAS fee.

Deactivate/Close Account

1. How can I close my account?

You can submit a request on our support email support@hylo.biz to deactivate/close your account and our admin teams will take it up with you to close it.


1. Do you have openings?

For current open positions, you can visit our career page. For future requirements you can follow us on our social media channels. We post our job requirements frequently and you could be notified of the same.

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