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Three ways businesses can improve cash flow with Hylobiz

Three ways businesses can improve their cashflow with Hylobiz

Do you feel that cash flow to your business when increased may help you see a remarkable growth in business?

Are you looking for a perfect system that can guide your business to improve cash flow steadily with time?

If so, then you are reading exactly about a system that you are looking for.

Hylobiz connected banking platform can help you understand the long term and short term sources of cash to your business through a well-designed collections automation, that can help you manage invoices and get paid on time and automatically reconcile giving a steady flow of cash to the system and improving finances and operations. Over and above, Hylobiz is also launching the credit facilities through partner banks soon, that shall help you grow your business for a long term growth plan.

Every business, be it small or large requires a steady flow of fund to run the business smoothly with a healthy working capital. SMEs/ big corporates/freelancers/professionals use their resources of all types to the optimum to maximise their cash flow. When cash flow to business increases, the opportunity to overcome liabilities increases and the liquidity of fund increases giving a chance to smoothly operate and see a steady growth. It is therefore a need of every business to improve the cash flow.

The tedious Accounting processes and data management sometimes remain less organised due to lack of skilled resources or due to manual errors resulting into mishandling of Account and this mismanagement of finances may lead to huge losses. If a business fails to track the receivables and payables promptly then they fail to manage their funds.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers in every industry today are moving gradually towards strong digitization of their business processes to earn more revenue and reach wider range of customers.

A business requires a huge working capital when –

  • the firm operates on a huge scale or they are upgrading,
  • when the cost of raw material is high in proportion to total production cost,
  • when there is a seasonal demand and
  • ultimately when the economy booms, the requirement of working capital sees a surge and

hence the cash flow to business is immensely important to be steady and needs to see an improve in today’s competitive world.

Businesses can improve cash flow with Hylobiz:

The Hylobiz platform is integrated with top class business tools like quickbooks, Oracle ERP, coral ERP, ZOHO, Botree Software, Xero, and Tally. When you connect your accounting platform with Hylobiz platform, you enjoy an integrated, automated, and seamless experience.

The well-designed dashboard lets you know the business health and helps tracking the payables and receivables so that you can communicate to customers effectively and improve the flow of fund to your business.

Your business will see an improvement in cash flow when you register on or you download the mobile app from

Three top ways businesses can improve their cash flow with Hylobiz are as under-

1.Automated distribution of invoices and reminders

When you integrate your Accounting platform with Hylobiz Neobanking platform or you upload your invoice file, you can collect your digital payments smoothly. You will be able to create and itemise invoices and send them through WhatsApp, emails, sms.

Hence cash flows easily to your business from debtors.

The automated reminders boost the flow of fund by regularly reminding you of the dues.


2. Online collections facility with cheque / cash reconciliation

The system allows your customers to pay both online and offline. Credit card, debit card, net banking, and UPI are the widely used online payment modes available on the system.

Both partial and complete payments through online or cash/ cheque are marked well in the system allowing easy reconciliation.

This allows fast collections and thus a better flow of cash to the business.

3.Automated reconciliation with ERPs / Accounting / Invoicing platforms

All invoices and purchase orders get populated in a single report with unique payment identity number.

The reconciliation report is available for you anywhere and at any point of time.

This helps to track your Accounts perfectly and allow a smooth flow of fund to business through collections.

In addition to above the system allows automated vendor payments strengthened with reminders and bulk pay out options allowing you to be free of liabilities and enjoy improved fund flow to your business.

The distributed digital ledger on Hylobiz platform allows you to better your distribution network and build your marketplace. You get a better network, more business, and hence get better flow of fund to your business through availing loans, insurances, bill discounting.

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