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Hylobiz Product Update Version 1.2.2

Hey! Heard about us? Hylobiz is a fintech platform offering connected banking services and bridging the financial services for businesses in the B2B segment. We provide SAAS to automate your business processes.

Worried that like some other applications in the market, we might also go outdated and our product won’t support the future complexities in businesses?

There is absolutely no need to worry. We keep updating our product features frequently to make your business smoother with every update and we also love to keep you updated about our product updates.

However, before we start speaking on what the updates are this time, here is a brief on our top features and benefits for those businesses who are yet to try our platform.

Hylobiz Features and Benefits at a Glimpse

We are an ISO-certified fintech. The platform streamlines processes, simplifies invoicing, collections, and payouts, and ensures a positive cash flow in businesses with its tailormade services listed here

  • Seamless integration with an existing bank account and accounting platform/ERP
Hylobiz Product Update Dashboard, e-way bill, e-way Bill Generation
Figure 1: Hylobiz Demo Dashboard
  • Free invoice (sales/proforma/e-Invoice) generation with ready professional templates and easy uploads
  • Einvoice compliance support powered by Vayana GSP
Hylobiz Product Update e-Invoicing Under GST
Figure 2: e-Invoicing
  • Superfast payment collection with automated reminders, payment links
  • Integrated payment gateway supporting multiple payment modes
  • Accurate tracking of outstanding bills
  • Quick settlement and automated reconciliation in realtime
  • Useful business insights with automated billing, transaction, reconciliation reports, and real-time dashboard.
  • Access to credits from our lending partners like Bajaj Finserv and Neogrowth Pvt Ltd
  • Access to connected banking services from our banking partners like Axis Bank, Kotak Bank, and Yes Bank
  • Digital ledger supports transparency in transactions and building better relationships
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Zero second downtime
  • 100% data encryption, no chance of hacking nor fraudulence

Some questions in mind? We know what you might ask, and here are our answers.

What are the Pre Requisites for Signing up?

Upload your KYC documents, one of the sales team members will call you to explain the process and help you onboard and will assist you in navigating through the application.

Is there Anything you Offer for Free on the Hylobiz platform?

Yes, the initial setup is free, you can create multiple sub-users for free, 100 free SMS and e-Invoice credits bundled with free 50 WhatsApp credits, free reconciliation and collection solution, and a lot more as you travel the journey with Hylobiz.

I have a Team of People. How Many Users Can I Create?

You can create any number of users in your business account and define their access at each service level

Can you help me with e-way Bill Generation?

Yes, you can generate e-way bills (single/bulk/) on the Hylobiz platform with prefilled data on e-Invoices and invoices. You can also create e-way bills with the help of Generate e-Way Bill Flow as provided on the platform. So if you are a GST-registered person who transports goods worth more than Rs 50000, take the support of the platform to adhere to the GST compliance.

Can I Amend an e-way Bill?

Yes, we enable you to edit/ cancel an e-way bill.

Hylobiz Product Update e-way Bill, e-way Bill Generation.
Figure 3: e-way bill

Can I create debit notes, credit notes, and purchase orders using your platform?

Yes, you can create them in simple steps.

Is there any special offer for women-led businesses?

Yes, any woman entrepreneur will be offered double SMS and WhatsApp credits while onboarding    

More questions in mind? Read our blogs here. You can send an email to our team at support@hylo.biz.

And now, is the time to reveal the latest updates!

Hylobiz Updates – Product Release Version 1.2.2

Based on our customer feedback, team reviews, and the GOI mandates, we have come up with some changes recently. Here we list down the top few among those.

The Document Number can now be Visible across the Generated e-Invoice PDF

Some of our customers requested to display the system-generated invoice number (in case data is pulled from Tally/Zoho/QB). We have worked around it and in the e-Invoice PDF, you can see the system-generated invoice number. The distance calculator provided on our platform can help you compute the distance between dispatch and delivery points

Multiple GSTINs

Customers with multiple GSTINs can add and manage branches with different GTINs. This is now available in Business Settings on the Hylobiz web portal and mobile app. You can now create e-Invoices using any GSTIN (branches).

Vendor Payments through Axis Bank Account

Customers can initiate transactions directly from the Payables section. Previously it was possible through manual creation of the transaction. In this release, the process has been automated and the transaction details are directly pushed to the Axis Bank portal.

Settlement API

Customers can also access the settlement report via API. The API can be enabled via a request sent to support@hylobiz.com

There is a continuous strive to give you an exceptional experience. We keep on making major and minor fixes to make sure our customers meet their short and long-term goals with a steady cash flow.

Every business across all verticals and across all industries stays relaxed as we are there to back you up.

Book a free demo now to understand how our All-in-One Solution can support your business.

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