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Hylobiz’s Experience at The Gurgaon Moms Summit 2022

We at Hylobiz got this great opportunity to attend the Gurgaon Moms Achievers Summit 2022.

Hylobiz is delighted to be at the event to support and encourage the super moms in their entrepreneurial spirit by helping them with our technology-backed solutions related to invoicing, collections, reminders, and reconciliations.

About the Gurgaon Moms Community

Gurgaon Moms is a women’s community founded by Neela Kaushik It started with a mission to provide space for mothers to speak their hearts out without any fear or thought. 

It is impacting the lives of more than 33k+ women positively. They support and encourage each other to follow their passion by providing all the possible resources. 

The Gurgaon moms community provides women with an opportunity to pursue their dream and start something of their own and has been an exponential partner in shaping many budding women entrepreneurs. The forum takes care of women’s rights and drives awareness about social issues faced by women in society.

Hylobiz – Collections and Credit Partner at the Gurgaon Moms Summit

Hylobiz is delighted and proud to be the collections and credit partner for The Mom Achievers Summit to encourage and support these self-made women entrepreneurs. 

We also got an opportunity to add more value to their businesses by interacting with these unstoppable moms at our stall at the summit.

We discussed their business story, their journey as an entrepreneur, the challenges they face and many more. Their business segment included different businesses like educational institutions, manufacturing, food and beverages, and other categories.

Our Interaction with Moms at the Event

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While discussing with many businesswomen, we realized that invoicing and timely collections are significant problems in their day-to-day business. Their business growth was affected due to Manual invoicing and the time it took them to share the invoices with their customers was so long as it was not an automated process.  

Also, it was challenging to track real-time sales, invoices, collections and reconciliation.

When we discussed our product and its features with the entrepreneurs we engaged, we were overwhelmed with their responses as they found our solutions resonated with their day-to-day problems. 

When we told them how Hylobiz features could help them to solve their problems, they were happy to know that some fintech is solving the ground-level challenges for SME/MSME, corporate and other businesses.

Hylobiz Solutions Act as a Savior for Business Problems

Hylobiz’s features like automated invoicing, collections, reconciliations and payment reminders take away the woes of a business. And automation helps businesses with better efficiency, frees up employees’ time and boosts their business cash flows.

We give businesses access to real-time business health, cash flows, and insights into expenses on our dashboard. Our automated business reports support businesses with informed business decision-making. 

Hylobiz platform also supports connected banking and automatic reconciliation. You can link your existing bank account to Hylobiz. With this, you enjoy reduced collection and payout time with a unified view of all your account balances. 

At the summit, we received positive feedback on our product features from the mom entrepreneurs. It was an experience for our team members as we met people physically after covid.

Some Fun Moment

The Gurgaon moms event was full of fun, dance, and interactions. Our team also gained many insights from the summit, people, and notable guest speakers. We engaged with moms by playing “Business Antakshari” with them at our stall. We wrote Hylobiz’s features on paper in alphabetical order. This game proved engaging for users and helped us increase the time spent per user at our stall.

Our Employee Experience at the Summit

“Every woman should attend these types of events. I got a lot of insights, business ideas, and an opportunity to network with others.” – added Hiranmayee, Business development manager at Hylobiz

Through this blog, we would also like to thank the founders, organizers, volunteers, and the whole Gurgaon moms group for organizing this summit and making us a part of it. 

We are also running a special offer for women entrepreneurs to support them in their growth journey.

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