Good Business Score, What is a Good Business Score, Why is a Good Business Score Important

Good Business Score

“Health is wealth.” 

 When a business entity is established, maintaining a good health score is essential for its growth. 

But how do you go about doing that? 

With Hylobiz’s  Good Business Score you can manage good business health and witness steady growth.

What is a Good Business Score?

The Good Business Score (GBS) is a reliable tool for assessing the performance of a business.  With GBS you can easily diagnose your business’ areas of strength, weakness, and improvement.

Why is a Good Business Score Important? 

India’s strength lies in the backbone of 60 million Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. GBS helps to identify areas of businesses that can be focused on in terms of expansion, growth, and healthy cash flow. The GBS is primarily used by large corporates, financial organizations, and lenders to assess an organization’s health.

Advantages of Good Business Score:

Advantages of Good Business Score, Why is a Good Business Score Important
  • Easy Loan application
    The information on GBS can make the loan application process smoother for businesses with better interest rates.
  • Improve business health
    GBS acts as a full diagnosis report to all your problems, it gives you a clear image of what are you doing well at and what areas you need to improve as a business.
  • A smooth cash flow
    If you want to grow or expand your business easily, it’s imperative that you keep your business healthy and there must be an easy flow of funds for operations.

    The Good business scores along with the dashboard and automated reports and help you maintain good business health and give a 360-degree view in real time.

This demonstrates your ability to handle your finances well and your ability to pay back any loans you take out on schedule.

Hylobiz introduces the Good Business Score capability to give you visibility of your business health.

About Hylobiz:

Hylobiz is a Vayana group B2B Fintech company supporting businesses to automate their invoicing, collections, cash management, and reconciliation processes.

 The automated solution help businesses manage their business health and analyze their business score to increase efficiency.

Good Business Score on Hylobiz 

With GBS you can make informed decisions for your day-to-day operational activities and helps in accessing finance in favorable terms. 

GBS on Hylobiz is

  • Automated and reliable 
  • Confidential and secured 
  • Accurate way of Periodic health check 
  • Quick and simple to use 
  • Cost-effective

The triangulated view of your business health with automated reports, a smart dashboard, and a good business score can support tracking and managing business transactions, invoices, cash flow, and business health in real-time.

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More on Hylobiz: 

Hylobiz with its technology-backed solution supports businesses by automating business operations and boosting efficiency. This will help your business save time, expand its customer base and increase revenue. 

Businesses can receive a real-time assessment of the dependability of their supply chain partners For, steady business growth, a business needs to handle commerce, cash, and compliances to ensure strong financial health and we have got you covered. Also, Hylobiz makes your business credit ready.  

 We provide simple solutions that are appropriate for all business sizes to address cash management and invoice collections by enhancing operational effectiveness and speeding up turnaround. 

 Hylobiz also offers user-friendly e-invoice and e-way services and assists businesses with GST compliance management.

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