Cinderella Story, Episode #1: Collection Automation

Do you sometimes feel that the way you are managing your business today looks a bit shabby, with operations and growth at stake and not generating the expected return?

What can you do to simplify some of the most tedious processes like invoice management, payment collections, and cash flow management?

Reminiscing the childhood fairy tale of “Cinderella”, you might be looking for a magic solution that will take your B2B business from the cinders to the palace like a “fairy Godmother”.

Your determination towards transformation and growth can surely find you the way out and get you success. Also, it is the right time to hold the hand of your fairy Godmother and march to the success path.

An advanced personalized fintech solution should be your efficient choice that can ensure hassle-free invoices, strong cash flow, and 100% business success.

Getting inspirations? Want to hear more?

We present a brand-new series of stories of our successful clients who make us proud, and we love to call them “Cinderella”, the achiever.

Still, searching for the “fairy godmother”? Wait, let the story flow.

Story Begins…

Suhail (original name not disclosed), a young business graduate, runs his travel business in Bangalore.

He started his business during the covid pandemic period after he lost his steady job and being a ‘doer’ was excited about his new venture.

The Roller Coaster Ride

However soon he realized that with his limited resources, he was struggling to manage his business smoothly. He and his team had to juggle multiple tools, accounting systems, bank accounts, manual invoices, collections, reconciliations, and a lot more and were overwhelmed with mental and physical stress due to a longer cash conversion cycle, a shortage of funds, poor time management, costly manual errors, and disputes.

Tried to access working capital loans to improve cash flow but failed.

The days were tough, and Suhail was getting stepmotherly treatment from his own people. It was difficult to tackle the threats and cut-throat competition in the red ocean of the travel market.

Cinderella Gets the Magic

Just when Suhail was facing the nightmares of ‘uncertain situations’ and ‘probable sudden halt’ were spoiling his days, he took a very important decision. He thought of redesigning the fate of his business.

Analyzed the ‘SWOT’ of his business in detail to plan the stages of action and actively started looking for the right solution.  

He still remembers his days of searching for the right solution.

To Hylobiz business development team executive, Suhail said, as he sipped a cup of coffee sitting on a couch in his luxurious office room, “ I tried many other solutions, but they were either too expensive or had slow onboarding or did not at all have all the capabilities I needed to solve my burning issues then. Luckily one of my business friends spoke to me about Hylobiz.”

The executive from Hylobiz: “ Would love to know the story of your bounce back and growth.”

Proud of our Cindrella’s Determination and Success

Suhail: “ It was Monday. The week started and I was determined that week should be the turning point of my life. I picked up my laptop and booked a demo on Hylobiz though even then I was not sure whether Hylobiz was going to be an efficient choice.”

The executive from Hylobiz: “ How was the journey?”

Suhail: “ The onboarding was quick. I could integrate ERP and bank accounts just very smoothly. I could digitize invoices and could send out invoices, payment links, and reminders to my customers which made my collections faster. My employees were relieved of the tedious reconciliation process, and we could maintain a healthy cash flow within the next 6 months. Long story short, my dream came true and since then my business has seen exponential growth.”

The executive from Hylobiz: “You are with us for 2 years now and are an engaged user of the Hylobiz one-stop automated solution. Is there any suggestion?”

Suhail: “My trust in Hylobiz is beyond words. Keep going.”

The story ends with our ‘Cinderella’ on the endless success path… We are proud of Suhail and his team and appreciate their effort and determination.

And hope here ends your search for the suspense character!

Surely, you would love to know more about us.

A few words on Hylobiz

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